Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cherry Blossoms

 I was feeling in the mood for something Spring-timey to combat all this cold weather and cloudy days. Here is my first attempt at hand painted cherry blossoms! I am pretty dang proud of them! :)

I definitely think this is pretty decent for a first attempt. I painted the branches with a detail brush which is why they are so thick. I don't have a small striper just yet, so if you have one, I definitely recommend using that instead. I made the flowers with a dotting tool and I put rhinestones in the center of the flowers on my ring finger as an accent. I was immediately unhappy with them as soon as I placed them down :/ I feel they cover too much of the flower, but, what's done is done and they don't look too bad. I also added glitter over top which I think gives some nice dimension.


Teal: China Glaze - Aquadelic
Black: NYC - no name
White: Nina - French White
Pink: Donna Michell - no name
Glitter: L.A. Colors - no name

(sorry for all the no-names...I have a lot of random drug/dollar store brands)

Just another view of my left hand

My right hand. I painted this with my non-dominant (left) hand, and I don't think I did too bad of a job! I will say, this design lends a lot of room for mistakes, so with an unsteady non-dominant hand like mine, if a branch ends up a little more crooked than I had planned, it's okay! Definitely a very forgiving nail design for those who don't have as much control over their non-dominant hand like me.

Right hand. Apologies for the pre-cleanup.

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