Friday, January 11, 2013

A Brief History of My Nail Art

Here are most of the manis I've done over the past few years. I've done quite a few more in the past, but never thought to take a picture of them! :( The majority of them are pre-cleanup, so sorry about that! I'm definitely learning as I go and always finding new ways to do things. So constructive criticism is definitely welcome! :)

One of my very first. Did this for our first football game my senior year. Apologies for the poor quality. Not sure of the colors I used here.

Another one of my very first that I got from this YouTube tutorial. In the tutorial she used black, but I decided to use a dark blue instead.

Base color: NYC Skin Tight Denim.  
Dots: a bunch of random polishes I borrowed from my younger cousin and I do not recall the names.

My first attempt at zebras stripes. I later attempted to paint them on all my nails, but failed miserably :/

Base color: Claire's Color Changing Mood polishes. No specific color name, but the two "moods" are confident/peaceful.
Stripes: Pure Ice - No Means No

This is one I did on my friend that I found on Pinterest. It was VERY easy to do, and I think it turned out pretty well!

Base color: Same Claire's color from previous.
Black: NYC (no name)
Silver: Sally Hansen - Celeb City
White: Random polish by Kiss

My first Christmas mani. The Christmas tree was taped. Taken from this tutorial.

Base color: A brand I found at Tilly's called "Destined." No specific name.
Green: Once again, the Claire's Mood polish. (I was on winter break at home and these were the only two colors I had brought with me.

Second Christmas mani. Holly berries and a present-like accent nail. Not my favorite I've ever done, but oh well. I used the same colors as in the previous picture.

A mani I did on my younger cousin. First attempt at interlocking dots. She didn't want it on all her nails, so I did it as an accent nail.

Base color: Finger Paints - Art Dealer Teal-er
Red Glitter: Destined (no-name)

Accent nail mani. Not sure what to call the gold flecks. It's not exactly glitter. Confetti maybe? Not long after this, I trimmed of few of the confettis sticking off the top because they kept getting caught on things.

Base color: Finger Paints - Art Dealer Teal-er

Did this not long before Christmas. Hand painted Christmas tree. I also painted one on my right hand but, being right handed, it wasn't nearly as good.

Base color: Destined "no-name"
Tree: Finger Paints - Art Dealer Teal-er

These are my grandmother's nails. I did some hand-painted holly berries on them. She already had her nails painted with a sheer polish. She wanted me to paint something Christmas-y on her nails, so I just painted over the polish she already had on. I didn't have any of my brushes with me, so I did this with a bobby pin and a tooth pick. Took me quite a while, but I like how it turned out :)

Another accent nail mani. This blue reminds me a little bit of Essie's Butler Please. Not quite a dupe, but kind of close. This was my first time using a Revlon polish and I must say, I was very impressed. This was ONE coat of polish. I felt the polish was dense and dark enough to not need another. I also really loved the brush, which is thicker than normal brushes. Something like this. It definitely made application a much quicker process. Very VERY pleased with this polish. It is definitely one of my favorites :)

Base color: Revlon Colorstay - Indigo Night
Glitter: L'Oreal - Sparklicious 

I definitely have a thing for accent nails. Did this for new years because it matched my dress. Kind of reminds me of mermaid nails :) I like this duochrome a lot, but the only thing I was a little disappointed about was the color doesn't look exactly like what it does in the bottle. That's okay though! Teal is one of my all time favorites. I have about 6 different kinds. I'm a teal hoarder.....

Base color: Sinful Colors - Gorgeous
Glitter: L'Oreal - Sparklicious

My most recent mani. I just got my rhinestones in the mail and went to town with them! This was my first attempt at half moons, as well as rhinestone application. Definitely my favorite one I've done yet! It was super easy to do, and a lot of my friends said they thought it looked professionally done :)

Red: Essie - Leading Lady
Silver: Sally Hansen - Celeb City

I hope you all liked them! More to come soon! :)

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